Here’s what just a few satisfied fishermen are saying about the Strong-Arm:

“Quite possibly the world’s most versatile, all-around fishing rod holder!”

– Kyle V, Pawtucket, RI

“Can’t believe something so simple can be so effective.  My hand didn’t ache at all after an entire day of fishing on the lake.”
– Zach C, Belleville, ON

“I stream fish religiously in the summer, and ice fish just as much in the winter. My Strong-Arm is considered terminal tackle, and gets strapped in place at the start of every fishing trip!  You really have something there.  Glad I took a chance and tried it!”
– Brad H, Minnetonka, MN

“Bought one for my father-in-law at your first Sportsmen Show in 1988. Best fishing product he’s ever owned, he keeps telling me. Now I need one for his other arm! Thanks!”
– Cheryl D, Cobourg, ON